Sports/Remedial Massage

Are you suffering from back pain, muscle injury or stress?  Sports and remedial massage therapy is not just for sports people.  It helps many people who’ve never played sports!  It is a proven method of relieving pain and facilitating movement, improving performance in your specialised field whether it be track or office!

Remedial Massage

Just the thing for relieving back and shoulder pain and tight, tense and aching muscles at the same time leaving you feeling relaxed.

Deep tissue bodywork is a general form for a range of therapies that work to ‘unstick’ the body’s connective tissues and/or muscles to encourage them to function properly again.  Among the conditions deep tissue bodywork treats are whiplash, low back and neck pain and degenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis.


Anti-Stress Massage

A stress relieving massage manipulating the scalp, neck, shoulders, back and chest to ease tension in tight muscles, alleviating stress and relaxing you.


Sports Massage Therapy

Sports Massage Therapy service helps heal soft tissue injuries, improve physical performance and reduce the symptoms of stress – from general fatigue and aching muscles to pins and needles.

Deep tissue therapy helps to break down knots and scar tissue.  Massage also stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation.  The combined effect is the removal of waste products from the body and a reduction in stress, fatigue and injury.

Many athletes use regular sports massage to prevent injury.  The therapist can detect and treat fatigued muscles and blockages.  Because massage can accelerate the body’s own restorative function, you will be able to train harder, more often.  Regular sessions are key to maintaining these positive results.


Swedish Full Body Massage

The most commonly practiced form of massage in Western countries; Swedish massage integrates ancient oriental techniques with modern principles of anatomy and physiology.

An all over body massage that will alleviate tension and everyday stresses restoring a sense of well-being, whilst improving your circulation, lymphatic system and relieving aches and pains and is suitable for all ages.



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